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Site Preparation: Clearing the Path to Your Vision

The Poole Paving site preparation team has what it takes to cut through the overwhelming tangle of engineering complexities, financial and time constraints, and governmental red tape that can stand in the way of your project objectives. Our in-depth experience, keen foresight, and sound professional judgment drive an integrated, proactive process that uncovers hidden stumbling blocks, safely navigates risks, and ensures every project phase is a step in the right direction:

    • Meticulous site analysis – Identify potential challenges and opportunities, including grading ordinances, utility locations, soil and drainage conditions, legal boundaries, topographical features, and historic landmarks; define a secure storage area and a safe, efficient, non-intrusive route for accessing construction areas.
    • End-to-end preconstruction planning – Partner with architect, developer, and site engineer to acquire proper permits; finalize design decisions; define and schedule project tasks; estimate resource requirements and establish budget; identify and plan for the effects of inclement weather conditions and other contingencies on cost and productivity goals.
    • Hands-on project management – Oversee timely completion of a full range of site preparation activities from clearing and soil compaction to cutting and filling work and erosion and storm water control.  Ensure project deliverables meet client’s quality, timeline, cost, scope, and other requirements and foster harmonious, mutually rewarding relationships between all project stakeholders.
    The Essential Building Blocks of Project Success To maximize the return on your paving investment, Poole Paving maintains a consistent focus on the fundamentals of efficient, cost-effective site preparation:

    • Safety – Strict compliance with OSHA standards and local zoning and construction codes, extensive safety training, and to vigilant monitoring of potentially hazardous tasks to protect the lives and health of workers and the public.
    • Quality – The beauty, safety, and long-term performance of a paved surface rests on the uniformity and stability of its subgrade and subbase. Our precise workmanship and enduring dedication to total customer satisfaction create the underlying conditions for a perfectly balanced pavement profile.
    • Cost and Schedule Control – Your budget and schedule priorities guide every step of our decision-making process from choosing the most advanced, reliable equipment and methods for clearing and grading the construction area to defining key performance indicators that ensure a smooth, streamlined path to your strategic objectives.
    • Sustainability – Poole Paving is fully committed to construction practices that conform to all federal, state, and local water quality, recycling, and waste management policies, including North Carolina’s increasingly complex erosion and sedimentation control regulations. Our site preparation procedures and restoration techniques are specifically designed to protect environmentally sensitive areas, prevent soil damage, and preserve the integrity of plants, waterways, and other valuable site elements.

    • Technology Innovation – The rapid evolution of increasingly powerful earth-moving machinery and high-performance construction tools drives continuous improvement in the speed and cost-efficiency of our site preparation services.

Foresight & Sound Professional Judgment Drive Success!

Prepare for total project success by contacting the site work specialists at Poole Paving!