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From new construction to resurfacing & overlays, we offer a full range of asphalt paving services.


Poole Paving has you covered for all your asphalt paving needs.  Our experts excel in commercial and residential asphalt paving projects.  From retail business, restaurant, industrial warehouse and government road projects to residential neighborhoods, community centers and more, we have a long and proud record of performance, professionalism and experience to address your next paving project!

We offer a comprehensive range of services including asphalt paving, concrete paving, sealcoating, striping, and ADA Compliance upgrades.  For residential areas, we can handle everything from new roads, simple repairs and sealcoating to paint striping and signage.

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Consider the asphalt paving advantage: not only does it offer a sleek, durable surface, but it also comes with practical benefits.  From lower initial costs to easier maintenance and faster installation, asphalt proves its superiority in various applications.  Our expertise lies in ensuring the longevity of your asphalt surface through meticulous groundwork. 

From soil assessment to proper drainage, our comprehensive site preparation process maximizes quality at every step.  Whether it’s a commercial road, shopping center parking lot, restaurant drive thru, private road or a road repair, our commitment to excellence guarantees lasting value. 

Trust the experts at Poole Paving as your single source for all your asphalt needs, providing top-quality, budget-friendly services from foundation work to overlays and patching.

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We’re paving the way with asphalt solutions!  From repairs to installations, we’ve got you covered.  Don’t let potholes linger – our patching services are quick and cost-effective.  For older lots, resurfacing is key for safety and aesthetics.  

Protect your investment with sealcoating, guarding against damage from oil, sunlight, and more.  And if your markings are fading, our striping service will refresh them for safety and clarity.  

Need signage? We prioritize legibility, design uniformity, and reflectivity standards.  Using the finest, most durable materials, we meticulously follow specifications to ensure optimal protection for all road travelers. 

ADA parking compliance requirements?  Our engineers tailor solutions for your property, from consultation to construction.

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Is your parking lot in need of a makeover?  We’re not just about asphalt and concrete paving repairs.  From sealcoating and striping to car stops, signage and speed bumps, we handle it all! 

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Before installing an asphalt pavement overlay, we repair damaged or distressed areas in the existing pavement.  This process is ideal when the existing asphalt is generally in good condition but has specific problem areas.  Depending on the extent of issues like cracking, crumbling, or sunken areas, we cut out and patch those sections before applying a new layer.

An asphalt overlay, typically 1 1/2″ to 3″ inches thick, is an effective solution when the existing pavement deteriorates but the base is stable, and the asphalt is structurally sound.  Thicker overlays are necessary for more damaged pavement or areas with poor drainage.

However, it’s crucial to avoid overlaying severely cracked, crumbling, or uneven surfaces.  In such cases, full reconstruction or resurfacing is necessary to prevent issues like reflective cracking and waves from surfacing shortly after the overlay is applied.

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Poole Paving takes immense pride in being the leading asphalt paving and concrete paving company in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and Wilmington, NC.  Our team of highly skilled paving professionals is committed to providing exceptional service for all your paving needs.  Whether you require commercial or restaurant streets, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, or any other paving service, trust us to deliver exceptional results every time.

When you choose Poole Paving services, you can rest assured that you are investing in quality that is unmatched. 

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