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About Poole Paving
Poole Paving stays true to the simple principles of success:
Honesty, Dependability, and a sincere Desire to make customers happy.

Our Story

When my father, Carl Poole, and I went into business together in 1980, all we had going for us was an old paint machine, a beat-up pickup truck, and a plan. Offer quality work at a reasonable price. And stay true to the simple principles of lasting success: honestydependability, and a sincere desire to make customers happy.

Over the years, those principles  —  plus a lot of hard work and perseverance  —  fueled the growth of our tiny venture into the thriving full-time business it is today. After my father passed away in 2004, my wife Tammy joined my efforts to ensure our family business continued to live up to its founding principles and my father’s good name.

Today, customers throughout the Raleigh  —  Durham area equate the Poole name with the highest standards of quality and value in commercial and residential paving. I know my father would be proud of this achievement. But we couldn’t have done it alone. The loyal support of our partners, customers, and employees has been crucial to our success. Tammy and I thank each and every one of you for your vital contributions.

Patrick Poole

The Highest Standards of Quality & Value!

We Believe in Honesty, Dependability, and a Sincere Desire to Make Customers Happy.